Vodafone reorganisation and job losses in Regional Operations

20 03 2008

Information About Vodafone Redundancies

Connect is aware of the major reorganisation announced yesterday by Vodafone.

This reorganisation will have a significant impact across the business and may result in the loss of 450 roles.    

Connect understands that a reorganisation is proposed in Regional Operations and we will be seeking an early meeting with the company to understand the implications of this.

At the same time we are aware that a number of individuals have been impacted directly in Regional Operations.  Those ‘at risk’ of redundancy will have now been individually informed.

Members may also be aware that across the business there appear to have been a number of dismissals not for the purposes of redundancy timed to coincide with these ‘at risk’ announcements.  Connect has made it clear to the company that this is completely unacceptable and will be raising this in the strongest terms in the discussions within the bargaining unit.

As your recognised union Connect will meet to kick off a meaningful consultation process with the company at the earliest opportunity.  In doing so we will need to represent the views of our members.  Please contact one of your Connect representatives with your comments.

Peppone Comments

Very suspicious that there appear to have been “Dismissals” at the same time as  a redundancy exercise.

Connect has Majority Membership in RO South

28 07 2007

Good news about connects vodaphone recognion campaign they have over 50%

Yesterday the Central Arbitration Committee (CAC) agreed that Connect’s membership density in Regional Operations South exceeds 50% and that the application for recognition has therefore been accepted. This positive step forward is due to the efforts of Vodafone employees recruiting their colleagues to the union in recent months.

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Connect wins recognition in Vodafone

21 07 2007

Great news about the Vodafone recognition campaign

Yesterday the Central Arbitration Committee awarded union recognition in Vodafone to Connect

From now on, Connect will be the union negotiating pay, hours and holidays for employees in Vodafone Regional Operations North. Connect has also made an application for recognition in Regional Operations South, at the request of members there, and we hope to be able to report a further success there in a few month’s time.

This is a major breakthrough for Connect – achieving recognition in a Company which has never before dealt with trade unions in the UK. And it’s significant also for the whole trade union movement – union recognition in part of a large, high profile company like Vodafone indirectly benefits union members everywhere.

Congratulations to all the offices and members in Vodafone for the hard work in this campaign from all connect south.

Vodafone union recognition dispute Part #2

22 06 2007

Connect is at a key meeting today over the Vodafone union recognition dispute I mentioned before.

Voda have been stalling and putting this one off so fingers crossed for a good result.

Vodafone union recognition dispute

14 03 2007

The Register has a short piece on the ongoing efforts by Connect to achieve recognition and collective bargaining at Vodaphone.