Fair Play on Redundancy Pay Video

14 03 2009

Since Redundancy pay was introduced in 1965 its value has decline drastically in real terms Due to real term increases in wage levels and inflation, the current value of SRP is just 56% of the UK’s average weekly wage.

The Labour MP Lindsay Hoyle is currently attempting to secure legislative change in the House of Commons via his Private Members Bill, which calls for the calculation mechanism to be reviewed.

On Friday the bill had its first reading an survived this round with enough MPs turning up for the debate to make sure the bill did not get talked out.

Unions Together have done a short campaign video

Connect Rejects Unacceptable Pay Offer by BT

6 03 2008

A different part of the Union – it looks like the pay round is getting interesting this year.

Following pay negotiations between BT and Connect, BT has now made its final offer on 2007-2008 pay to Band 1 staff, but has so far chosen not to make any offer to Bands 2 and 3.

Connect considers the offer that has been made to Band 1 staff to be unacceptable and is disappointed that the company has not chosen to make an offer for members at Bands 2 and 3.  The final say on what happens next rests with Connect members.

Connect has a pay campaign site the make bt pay fair site.