Connect Conference / Merger Debate

19 06 2009

Connect’s BT and Biennial Conferences start on Monday. This biennial conference is a key one for Connect as the major item on the table is the merger propositions.

So if your going to Blackpool next week see you there and if your not check back regularly for updates on the conferences.

If possible we may be putting up a short interview once the merger decision is made.


Connect BT Conference and Connect Forum

14 06 2008

Connect Souths committee is getting ready to travel to Nottingham for the Annual BT conference and the Connect forum.

More information as it comes.

TUC Congress opens with mention of Vodafone and Connect

10 09 2007

Brendan Barber’s opening remarks to the TUC Congress included a reference to our recognition win in Vodafone. With reference to critics of modern-day trade unionism, The TUC’s General Secretary said;

“To those who say Trade Unions are a relic of a bygone age, stuck in the past, somehow irrelevant to the concerns and aspirations of the 21st century workforce, let us say;

You are wrong, wrong on every count.   

Try telling that to workers at Vodafone who have just voted for union recognition for Connect. Proof that Trade Unionism can not only survive but thrive in the private sector service economy”

Congratulations again to our Vodafone members on their achievement, which is of importance not only to us here at Connect but the British Trade Union Movement as a whole. 

Recruitment and retention award

21 06 2007

Branch Chair’s Medal

This is the medal that our Branch Chair received at the 07 Conference (on behalf of the Branch) for the work we have done on member recruitnment and retention!

Amendment D16

21 06 2007

Amendment D16 was proposed by us to resist the Executive Council’s decision to remove your death in service benefit. Frankly, their arguments were never convincing since they argued that many members over the age of sixty would continue to be fully-paid members, in work and would die in service, costing the union thousands. They never presented any research or actuarial evidence to support their opinion, so our members have lost a significant benefit because the EC is guessing.

The amendment was lost, and the Death Benefit will now be withdrawn.

If you object to the loss of this benefit then please write, ring or email Head Office. If you leave the union because of this then please let the union know why!

Proposition 7

21 06 2007

The Executive Council shall consider pursuing cases to seek legal precedent where this will be of benefit to the membership and will positively reflect on the union.

This proposition was supported by the Executive Council and was passed.

Prop 6 Activism

20 06 2007

Conference instructs the EC to launch a wide ranging examination all possible methods of encouraging a greater degree of activism within the union. This exercise should include but not necessarily be limited to a dialogue with a wide range of voluntary organisations in order to determine what success they have had in fostering greater participation by a representative cross section of age, gender, ethnicity etc.