Connect Merger Ballot

16 10 2009

Ballot papers have been sent to all members at home to have the final say on the recommended merger with Prospect. Members are strongly urged to return your papers immediately given the likelihood of disruption to postal services.

All Connect members will take the final decision on the merger in a ballot which is now open and will close on November 3, following the decision by Connect delegates to endorse merger with Prospect at the union’s Biennial Conference in June. All members are urged to return their ballot papers immediately due to potential disruption in postal services.


TUC Congress opens with mention of Vodafone and Connect

10 09 2007

Brendan Barber’s opening remarks to the TUC Congress included a reference to our recognition win in Vodafone. With reference to critics of modern-day trade unionism, The TUC’s General Secretary said;

“To those who say Trade Unions are a relic of a bygone age, stuck in the past, somehow irrelevant to the concerns and aspirations of the 21st century workforce, let us say;

You are wrong, wrong on every count.   

Try telling that to workers at Vodafone who have just voted for union recognition for Connect. Proof that Trade Unionism can not only survive but thrive in the private sector service economy”

Congratulations again to our Vodafone members on their achievement, which is of importance not only to us here at Connect but the British Trade Union Movement as a whole.