1st March Work Your Proper Hours Day – £29.2 billion of free work

1 03 2013

Over 5 Million workers do unpaid over time the TUC estimates that this is worth almost 30 Billion £ to UK employers.

This year, Work Your Proper Hours Day is 1 March. this is the date at which the average worker who did all their unpaid hours at the start of the year would start getting paid. The aim of the day is to remind everyone – employees and employers – about the value of unpaid work and that flexibility should be a two way process. This chimes with Prospect’s Work Time Your Time campaign which gives people tools to take stock and help regain a sense of control.

We know our members put in the extra hours when the job demands it – across the economy the TUC estimates that this amounts to 2 billion extra days a year. We also know that many of our members are under pressure to work longer hours with cuts in resource and an ever faster pace of change and work. That impacts on your work life balance and well-being. Getting a balance that works for you is not just good for your health but evidence continues to show that if people are well and happy their performance improves.

Here are some simple ideas about things you might want to do to mark Work Your Proper Hours Day

  • Make sure you take a proper lunch break – away from your desk.
  • Try to leave work on time – evidence shows that people are more likely to finish on time when they have something to go to, so why not fix up to go out with family or friends after work – you could even think about doing something with colleagues.
  • Take some time to check out our Work Time Your Time campaign pages. There’s a quick calculator to work out your hourly rate, an hours tracker spreadsheet, and lots of tips and simple ideas to get you thinking about changes you could make to get a work life balance that works for you.