Sad to see union general Secretary making a fool of him self

25 04 2007

Sad to see that the PAT has been in the news with some frankly foolish comments on wifi.

Totally ignoring the fact that wifi uses far lower power levels that mobile phones use and they use similar bands – and how the inverse square law as it applies to Electromagnetism. Presumably PAT don’t have any Physics teachers as members.

Unfortunetly even some of the broadsheet press had picked up on this and some bright spark even gave up the name of the member who raised the problem to the telegraph.

I did like the comment on the register:

Full marks to the PAT for fingering Wi-Fi as the course of teachers maladies. A less sympathetic organisation might have put the headaches and nausea down to the drink and drunks-fuelled haze that the National Union of Teachers says it members slip into as a result of their stressful jobs. ®

Peppone comments:

Thanks to our comrades in PAT for making our job of recruiting in the mobile and the new wimax companies  harder 😦

Your Sub-Editor Checks In!

12 04 2007

You may now see more than one style of writing in this blog as a friendly sub-editor has joined. They say two heads are better than one…