Connect Prospect Merger

27 06 2009

Connect’s Conference has this week clearly decided that the union should merge with Prospect. The decision was taken at the end of a lengthy and very positive debate, where the merits of merger, and of merger with either Prospect or the Communications Workers Union, were considered in great detail.

The ultimate decision to merge rests with members so we will now draw up a legally binding agreement between Prospect and Connect, which will need to be endorsed in a ballot of members. This is a legal requirement, so the ballot will be a statutory ballot – and that means that it will have to be conducted by post.

We aim to conclude discussions with Prospect over the summer and hold the ballot in the autumn. The merger itself is planned to take formal effect on 1 January 2010.

Connect to Merge With Prospect.

24 06 2009

At Connect’s Biennial conference this morning after a thorough debate conference voted to merge with Prospect by overwhelming majority.

Connect Conference / Merger Debate

19 06 2009

Connect’s BT and Biennial Conferences start on Monday. This biennial conference is a key one for Connect as the major item on the table is the merger propositions.

So if your going to Blackpool next week see you there and if your not check back regularly for updates on the conferences.

If possible we may be putting up a short interview once the merger decision is made.

Employer wants your facebook password

18 06 2009

Lets hope the staggeringly bad idea from over the pond does not make it over here (though Mr Justice Eady might beg to differ)

Bozeman City A a small town in Montana has created something of a fire storm when it was exposed as requiring applicants for jobs to hand over their passwords to various websites.

The City’s background Cheek requirement state:

“Please list any and all, current personal or business websites, web pages or memberships on any Internet-based chat rooms, social clubs or forums, to include, but not limited to: Facebook, Google, Yahoo,, MySpace, etc.,” the City form states.

Apparently here are then three lines where applicants can list the Web sites, their user names and log-in information and their passwords.

Given the propensity for dodgy employment practices to make there way from the USA lets hope in this instance this is one bad idea that doesn’t cross the Atlantic.


PS Ill leave commenting on the stupid Judgment in the Night Jack Case till i have calmed down what was the Times thinking!

PPS the Times Chapel might want to start checking the NUJ’s rule book and re reading the bit about bringing the Profession /Union into Disrepute.

PPPS wonder if we will see an Emergency motion at next weeks Conference.

DOJ Investigating SV over collusion to hold down wages.

4 06 2009

An interesting story reported in the Gawker (the home of the remnants of Vallywag the SV Snark Blog ) the some of the big names of tech are being investigated for colluding by not poaching staff from each other.

The original stories where by the Washington Post and the NYT 

The NYT says

A December 2007 e-mail message written by a Google recruiter and obtained by The New York Times suggests that the company might have had an agreement with Apple on recruiting.

Laura Sheppard, a contract recruiter at Google, sent the e-mail message to a job candidate asking him to put her in touch with another potential candidate. “It is a bit touchy since he works for Apple,” Ms. Sheppard wrote, adding that Google had “a nonsolicit agreement with them.”

Google declined to comment on its hiring practices or on the e-mail message, whose authenticity could not be independently verified.

As Gawker says its interesting that People make a big play of being all about the free market – but when it comes to us grunts on the ground “Not so much”

New Blog From Connect Research

2 06 2009

Connected Research is the name for a new blog for Connect’s research department. A blog seeks to provide information and comment on a range of issues of specific interest and Connected Research is no different: the blog will act as a regularly maintained resource for the union on a wide range of issues, including pay and conditions, pensions, telecoms regulation and policy, and social and economic trends. The aim is not to duplicate existing Connect communications but to look at, and link to, the wider press on these themes. More than that, however, a blog also seeks to act as a forum for online comment and debate between its readers.

Congratulations on Calvin on joining the Blogsphere  I did get a few odd looks a couple of years back at conference when we coved the conference sort of live.

You can find Connected Research at: