Marching for A Future That Works October 20th

17 10 2012

Colleagues on 20 October in London, Glasgow and Belfast there are TUC marches and rallies for A Future That Works. These events are an important step in lobbying for a change to the  governments  austerity program as the FT says “reality is not obliging Mr Osborne” now is the time for change.

Before Its Two lateThe government’s austerity programme is hurting but not working. After two and a half years, the economy is shrinking and the deficit is growing. All Prospect members are affected by the consequences of this misguided policy, which include:

  • Civil servants and other public sector workers continue to face massive job cuts, pay freezes, reduced pensions and higher pensions contributions
  • Vital public services – from the NHS to policing to social care – are under threat
  • Private companies which depend on public procurement and a healthy economy are cutting jobs
  • Essential investment in infrastructure such as telecoms and energy supply is being delayed
  • Hard-won employment rights are being taken away, with new curbs coming on compensation for unfair dismissal and the right to go to an employment tribunal
  • Youth unemployment is over 1 million
  • Confidence in the economy is falling, with potentially disastrous consequences for investment and growth.
  • It’s time to demand a change of policy. It’s time for the government to abandon failed policies and invest for growth. It’s time to march for a future that works.

Follow  @futurethatworks for more information on the day. The hashtag #Oct20 is being used for this event.

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