CWA supports BT Industrial Action

1 07 2008

The Communications Workers of America (CWA) has shown its support for Connect members in the UK by protesting at BT’s conference last week. More in the fair pay in BT site.

Support Zimbabwean Trade Unionists

18 06 2008

The TUC is running a campaign to support Lovemore Matombo and Wellington Chibebe, President and General Secretary of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) who have been arrested and accused of face charges of ‘spreading falsehoods prejudicial to the state’ – or rather, telling the truth about violence in Zimbabwe.


Lovemore Matombo                  Wellington Chibebe

mugabe_protestor_narrowweb__300x418,0 chibebe

The TUC is making a giant photo mosaic of Lovemore and Wellington using pictures of hundreds of their supporters.

You Can find more information here on the TUC website.

Alan Johnston speaking at the NUJ Conference

4 05 2008

Just saw this recording of Alan Johnston speaking to the NUJ conference thanking the efforts that NJU members and other Journalism trade union members – and talking about the large number of journalists that killed or kidnapped doing their work.

The Speech is here

Bad Employer Fremantle – try’s to take down workers website

8 09 2007

Disgusting that a company in dispute with it’s employees (care home employees represented by Unison) feel’s the need to bully a well know union news website (labourstart) into taking the campaign news they where carrying down with some dubious legal threats.

Needless to say this has backfired and the information taken down has now been put up  in nine languages on a different server, in a different country, with a new name wewillnotbesilenced.

There is a facebook group as well as a petition to raise the profile.

I can feel an emergency prop at the TUC coming on 🙂

Slashdot It!

Great News about the bbc reporter Alan Johnston

7 07 2007

From an area of the world where often there is no good news the news on friday -the news of his release last week makes a rare exception.

international solidarity campaigns

24 05 2007

A range of international solidarity campaigns currently need your support. Globalisation means that trade unions are increasingly having to act on a worldwide scale to have an impact. These international campaigns are asking for help from British trade unionists. Please take a few moments to add your support. You could also encourage other union members to get involved too.

Deutsche Telekom.

German union Ver.di is taking strike action in Deutsche Telekom over proposals to transfer jobs to a subsidiary where workers would have to accept a massive pay cut and inferior working conditions UNI, which brings together telecom unions on an international scale, is asking trade unionists around the world to send a message of support for Ver.di’s membersClick here to support workers in Deutsche Telekom

European public services

The ETUC, the European equivalent of the TUC, is currently conducting a campaign to highlight the importance of public services. A petition has been established that is being signed by trade unionists across Europe.

Click here for more on the campaign and to sign the petition

On 7-9 June, Prime Minister Tony Blair will be meeting other world leaders at the G8 summit in
Germany. Two years ago, following worldwide campaigns like Make Poverty History, the leaders of these countries agreed on a package of measures to help tackle global poverty, but so far not enough has been delivered.

Connect strongly supported the Make Poverty History campaign and is now promoting its successor, The World Can’t Wait, which is calling on world leaders to take their commitments on issues like trade justice seriously. The TUC is involved with the campaign and is encouraging trade unionists to get involved. A rally is taking place in London on 2 June and an online petition is being organised to send a message to Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor and G8 President.

Click here to send a message to the German Chancellor
Click here for more about the campaign and 2 June rally

If you plan to go to the rally, please let us know by emailing