Fair Play on Redundancy Pay Video

14 03 2009

Since Redundancy pay was introduced in 1965 its value has decline drastically in real terms Due to real term increases in wage levels and inflation, the current value of SRP is just 56% of the UK’s average weekly wage.

The Labour MP Lindsay Hoyle is currently attempting to secure legislative change in the House of Commons via his Private Members Bill, which calls for the calculation mechanism to be reviewed.

On Friday the bill had its first reading an survived this round with enough MPs turning up for the debate to make sure the bill did not get talked out.

Unions Together have done a short campaign video


BT pay freeze sparks union anger

11 03 2009

The news about BT’s pay freeze will not surprise many as BT has a long history of playing fast and lose with pay schemes – the unnamed  the company says:

“This is not a decision we have taken lightly. We have carefully considered the current economic conditions, the pressures the business faces, the UK’s Retail Price Index (RPI), and concluded that it is the right thing to do.”

They even have the cynical cheek to say that BT “BT has awarded pay increases in line, or above, the Retail Price Index (RPI)”

Sorry was that in some alternate time line? As the PRP Pay scheme has not given a COLA pay rise for the vast majority of the Professionals who work for BT in decades! and that’s not to mention the “secret” meetings where peoples performance markings where fiddled.

This is a cynical exercise by a company that is blaming the down turn to Frack over its long suffering staff. Will they be clawing back the bonuses of those senior board members who sold off the Companies property assets or who decided on the fiasco that was concert.

Its ironic that BT was always “Frit” of pissing off all of its staff at the same time managing to seriously piss off the CWU and Management Grades at the same time has some interesting consequences Conference will be interesting this year.

One does wonder if XXX has had a hand in this new policy.

Disgruntled Peppone


if this was the afore mentioned alternate time line Rasd-Codurersa Diziet Embless Sma da’ Marenhide will be offering me a Job shortly 🙂