More Help For Failed Pension schemes

21 03 2007

A nice ray of light in today’s budget! Gordon Brown announced increased support for the FAS ( Financial Assistance Scheme) – which provides support to members of pension schemes where the employer went insolvent.

Collapsed occupational schemes have been a bit of an own goal (for the government), so it is nice to see at least some common sense emerge. Thanks to labor and capital blog and to Tigamoo.

New compensation limits from 1 Feb

21 03 2007

The Government has carried out its annual review of the tribunal compensation limits. The upper limit for the compensatory award for unfair dismissal will rise from £58,400 to £60,600.

The cap on a week’s pay for the purpose of calculating redundancy payments and for calculation of the basic award in unfair dismissal cases goes up to £310.

Vodafone union recognition dispute

14 03 2007

The Register has a short piece on the ongoing efforts by Connect to achieve recognition and collective bargaining at Vodaphone.

Blogging at work info from TUC

1 03 2007

Just by chance I came across a useful page discussing the issues raised by the massive rise of blogging and how it relates to employment.

Its over here on the TUC’s site.

If you don’t think this is a problem see the petite anglaise blog, where an individual got the sack – and that was in socialistic France. Now you can see why we use pen names on this blog!