Open Letter to George Osbourn re Pensions Uprating and CPI

20 11 2011

Dear Chancellor

I am writing regarding the continuing speculation about changes to the uprating of pensions and state benefits.

I am concerned about the possibility that the Treasury may increase benefits and pensions by less than the full 5.2% annual increase in CPI inflation; a move which would have a significant impact on my income and my ability to meet the rising costs of living.

I urge you to consider that trying to balance the books by punishing further some of the poorest in our society through a lower than inflation rise in pensions and benefits would be both unfair, unacceptable and downright immoral, considering that you and your Government have already changed the method of calculation for the up-rating of pensions and benefits from RPI to CPI which disadvantaged those of the population that are in receipt of pensions and/or benefits.

It now clearly appears that, you are not content with making one cut into the income of the people I have mentioned but, are intent on delivering a double-whammy by moving the goalposts once again.

One question – why don’t you apply the same criteria to the banks, bank managers and the bonuses of the financiers in the City of London – that I have already contributed towards bailing out of the quagmire they landed this country in ?