Derek Draper Launches Labourlist to match Conservativehome

11 01 2009

It the past Conservative blogger’s like Guido Fawkes and Conserviativehome have made all the running now Derek Draper has launched to provide a mode for left of center bloggers.

Derek Says:

Labourlists editor, Derek Draper, another former Mandelson aide, insists it will be fully independent of the party, pointing to voices like Ken Livingstone and his former chief of staff, Simon Fletcher, who are both signed up as contributors. “If Ken had a problem with the government I expect he’d post it. There’s no way I would say ‘you can’t post that’,” he told the Observer.

“What I would see as my job is making sure that the government had a response. If Frank Field wanted to write a blog criticising welfare reforms I’d snatch his hand off, but I would ring James Purnell and ask him to respond as well. “I am the last person who is going to not have violent disagreement on display.”

Its currently in soft launch mode it will be interesting to see how it goes.


25% of IT Workers Abused and Ready To Quit

9 01 2009

An interesting survey from a uk computer company (no relation) has done some reaserch that  suggested that as many as a quarter of all IT staff in small to medium businesses have suffered some sort of abuse and are looking for careers elsewhere [PDF].

They say:

“The study also found that over a third have suffered from sleepless nights or headaches as a result of IT problems at work, while 59 per cent spend between one and 10 hours a week working on IT systems outside normal hours.”

The story is also being covered by slashdot which is interesting though the results of the survay will not be news to Connect members.

4th of DEC Branch meeting /Committee Meeting

3 12 2008

Connect Souths AGM and Final Committee Meeting is tomorrow at the GFTU 11 o’clock for Committee Meeting and 14:00 for the Branch meeting. All members are welcome.

How employees are fighting back against sharp practice by employers in the states

19 11 2008

Should You Get Paid While Your Computer Boots? is an article on slashdot that comments on the recent trends in the USA for employers to try and dodge paying people while they are at work by claiming that waiting while a computer boost is not working time.

This was sparked by legal blog that covered the court cases that some employees are taking against their employers that are trying to get them to do unpaid work at the start and end of shifts to boot and shut down pc’s which in some companies amounts to an extra 1/2 and hour a day unpaid labour.

I hope that this is one of those crappy HR practices that do not make it across the pond but i’me sure some bean counter is gearing up to screw 1/2 an hours work out of some poor buggers.

Connect responds to BT Job Cuts

13 11 2008

Connect is in discussions with BT about specific proposals to reduce staff in the light of their second quarter financial results. 

Any announcement on potential job cuts will, of course, be of concern to our members.  All communications and ICT companies are operating in very difficult economic circumstances.  BT is a global business and is therefore at the sharp end of the global economic slowdown.  We are committed to working closely with BT to ensure that the interests of our members are protected in these challenging times.

From today’s announcement, it is clear that most of the jobs to be cut will be amongst contractor and agency staff.   Moreover the process of meeting this target of 10,000 job cuts is already underway. It is not a new plan. BT has provided assurances that every effort will be made to ensure that there are no compulsory redundancies. 

The company has reiterated its commitment to a voluntary approach and has indicated that there will be a proactive approach to redeployment and retraining across the business.   We will be discussing with BT how this process will be managed on a regular basis and as further details on these changes become clear, we will be communicating further.Connect members should contact our Helpdesk with any specific queries or concerns on 020 8971 6060.

Video From Connects Forum in June 2008

6 11 2008

Those of you who came to the Connect forum in Nottingham may remember being asked to immortalise on film what being a Connect member means to you. The film crew has collated a number of clips which have been called ‘People like you join’. These can be found on the Connect website on the ‘join online’ page.

This year the TUC featured a short film celebrating 10 years of the TUC Organising Academy starring none other than National Officer Steve Thomas and Senior Organiser Cait Hughes who explained how organising worked to gain recognition in Vodafone. This film can be viewed on the Stronger Unions page of YouTube.

Wall Street Journal Says "Get Rid of Performance Reviews"

26 10 2008

A UCLA professor (Samuel Culbert) has an interesting take on the Performance review his views are scathingly negative as 99.9% of Union Activists will tell you annual appraisals are used to manage pay down and actually don’t improve the performance of the business.

He says:

To my way of thinking, a one-side-accountable, boss-administered review is little more than a dysfunctional pretense. It’s a negative to corporate performance, an obstacle to straight-talk relationships, and a prime cause of low morale at work. Even the mere knowledge that such an event will take place damages daily communications and teamwork.

The full article is over here on the WSJ site.