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DOJ Investigating SV over collusion to hold down wages.


An interesting story reported in the Gawker (the home of the remnants of Vallywag the SV Snark Blog ) the some of the big names of tech are being investigated for colluding by not poaching staff from each other.

The original stories where by the Washington Post and the NYT 

The NYT says

A December 2007 e-mail message written by a Google recruiter and obtained by The New York Times suggests that the company might have had an agreement with Apple on recruiting.

Laura Sheppard, a contract recruiter at Google, sent the e-mail message to a job candidate asking him to put her in touch with another potential candidate. “It is a bit touchy since he works for Apple,” Ms. Sheppard wrote, adding that Google had “a nonsolicit agreement with them.”

Google declined to comment on its hiring practices or on the e-mail message, whose authenticity could not be independently verified.

As Gawker says its interesting that People make a big play of being all about the free market – but when it comes to us grunts on the ground “Not so much”