New Blog From Connect Research

2 06 2009

Connected Research is the name for a new blog for Connect’s research department. A blog seeks to provide information and comment on a range of issues of specific interest and Connected Research is no different: the blog will act as a regularly maintained resource for the union on a wide range of issues, including pay and conditions, pensions, telecoms regulation and policy, and social and economic trends. The aim is not to duplicate existing Connect communications but to look at, and link to, the wider press on these themes. More than that, however, a blog also seeks to act as a forum for online comment and debate between its readers.

Congratulations on Calvin on joining the Blogsphere  I did get a few odd looks a couple of years back at conference when we coved the conference sort of live.

You can find Connected Research at:




One response

2 06 2009

Thanks for the welcome, Peppone. Have added Connect South to the blogroll and am happy to observe your privacy!

Will keep an eye on your blog and link in where I can.


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