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Derek Draper Launches Labourlist to match Conservativehome


It the past Conservative blogger’s like Guido Fawkes and Conserviativehome have made all the running now Derek Draper has launched to provide a mode for left of center bloggers.

Derek Says:

Labourlists editor, Derek Draper, another former Mandelson aide, insists it will be fully independent of the party, pointing to voices like Ken Livingstone and his former chief of staff, Simon Fletcher, who are both signed up as contributors. “If Ken had a problem with the government I expect he’d post it. There’s no way I would say ‘you can’t post that’,” he told the Observer.

“What I would see as my job is making sure that the government had a response. If Frank Field wanted to write a blog criticising welfare reforms I’d snatch his hand off, but I would ring James Purnell and ask him to respond as well. “I am the last person who is going to not have violent disagreement on display.”

Its currently in soft launch mode it will be interesting to see how it goes.