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Alan Sugar Encourages Bullying Bosses ?


A could have been contender for king of  British technology entranapeurship has been blamed for a rise in the number of employment tribunals , as macho bosses copy the behavior seen on programs like the apprentice and land themselves with costly legal bills.

The number of ETs last year was 115,000 compared to 86,181 in 2004-2005, Employment Lawyer John Muir says that.

 Employers should not copy Alan Sugars behavior, they should remember that The Apprentice is purely a TV show and not real life. Employment law requires certain procedures to be adhered too”

Mandy Telford  from Unite added

” All employees deserve respect  and to be treated with dignity – the sort of bullying behavior seen on TV programs like The Apprentice can cave devastating”

Peppone Comments:

It’s sad the Sir Allen’s Amstrad could have been a contender in the world market but in the end the demands of producing a high quality PC/Computing product was to much for the short sighted mind set of the vast majority of uk Businesses and financiers.

Where are the British equivalents of Elon Musk who using the fortune he made from paypal  to enter the space race as a private individual – watching the test launches of space x over the internet late at night one brought back memories of the Apollo programme.

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