Prop 6 Activism

20 06 2007

Conference instructs the EC to launch a wide ranging examination all possible methods of encouraging a greater degree of activism within the union. This exercise should include but not necessarily be limited to a dialogue with a wide range of voluntary organisations in order to determine what success they have had in fostering greater participation by a representative cross section of age, gender, ethnicity etc.



Proposition 4

20 06 2007

The Executive Council is instructed to devise, introduce and operate a process to recognise excellent achievement by individuals or groups within Branches.

Lost narrowly EC liked the sentiments but prefered a more Ad Hoc solution 

Proposition 3

20 06 2007


Proposition 2

20 06 2007

The Executive Council shall encourage the adoption of a comprehensive marketing strategy by the TUC in order to:
– raise public awareness of the trade union movement
– encourage trade union membership where workplace recruitment is difficult

Passed with support from EC

Connect Conference 2007

20 06 2007

Short interview with Denise McGuire at connect conference 2007

Election Rule Changes

20 06 2007

Wednesday 20th June

A debate on changes to amend rules as proposed by the Executive Council.

A lot of opposition to the proposed changes as conference mostly on the grounds of reducing accountability and democracy.

Rule changes carried – this means that the outgoing Executive Council cannot be challenged at the Biennial Conference (as it will be elected before the conference takes place) and that the President is no longer going to face election by popular mandate.

We are not happy with this decision, which is anti-democratic and suggests that the Executive Council holds the membership of the union in contempt.

Let us know what you think!