Conference 07

18 06 2007

In a now sunny plymouth we are preparing for the biennial conference – I am just putting up our motions on the appropriate page on the blog.

More updates on a play by play basis once conference proper starts tomorow.




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18 06 2007

Hi guys. I met am organiser recently from CWU South Africa, who are having even worse issues with Vodafone than unions in the UK – at least here they don’t hire office guards with machine guns to intimidate workers! They’re running an organising campaign blog, which I though might interest you as telco union bloggers – you can see it at
There seem to be more and more worldwide union bloggers turning up, and where multinationals are concerned, there will be a lot of overlap. Maybe there’s scope for some blog linking, or even better combining union feeds to track multinationals across countries.
Best wishes and good luck with the conference, John

19 06 2007

Thanks John

I will mention this to The Pres and the GS

Thanks for the comment

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