Blogging at work info from TUC

1 03 2007

Just by chance I came across a useful page discussing the issues raised by the massive rise of blogging and how it relates to employment.

Its over here on the TUC’s site.

If you don’t think this is a problem see the petite anglaise blog, where an individual got the sack – and that was in socialistic France. Now you can see why we use pen names on this blog!




One response

14 03 2007


Great to see this site – a good initiative. Can I ask a favour please? I’d like to add your blog to the new aggregator for unions’ and union activists’ blogs at

It’s aimed at getting more union people out of the woodwork and blogging. It will scan it every hour or so for new posts on your blog and then add the title, opening sentence and link to a list which people can subscribe to by RSS, letting them directly into your blog’s latest story. So far we’ve 31 blogs and growing.

If you’re happy with this idea, could you please let me know (and any other comments) at ?

Cheers, John

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