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EX CBI Chief Hired as Skills envoy


The Guardian reports that:

“Gordon Brown has appointed the former chief of British industry, Sir Digby Jones, as his “skills envoy”.

Sir Digby was enlisted by the chancellor two weeks ago ahead of the Leitch review recommendation that employers be given almost total control of the national skills budget”

While a good idea in principal the CBI’s and IOD’s track record in that area is not exactly good is it?

So that will be a specialised course in “wining and moaning and asking for a hand out from the public rather than training your workforce” then? I thought the farmers had that little racket all tied up!

What the technical professions really need is someone like Clarkson to lead this initiative, (you may hate him but he does understand engineering well). Then we need to provide some form of subsidy or tax incentive for professional training (both in and out of the workplace) and engineering degrees.